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About Elizabeth Alejo

After excelling as a Branch Manager at Platinum Home Mortgage, where her expertise in originating mortgages such as FHA Loans, Conventional, Jumbo and Renovation Home Improvement Loans, as well as helping our local community heroes with VA Loans, has earned her the ranking as #1 Hispanic Loan Officer in the Industry for many years.

Growing up as a Latina in Gilroy, California, Elizabeth fully understands the complexities and cultural challenges that are encountered during the home loan process, and these challenges are what give Elizabeth the motivation and determination needed to make a difference in the Hispanic community. Being the first Latina and bilingual Branch Manager to be hired at Platinum Home Mortgage, Elizabeth has been able to build trust and relationships within the Hispanic community. 

She is truly committed to client satisfaction and fulfilling the dream of homeownership for Latino families across the California and Nation. Elizabeth is determined to keep true to her culture and background, knowing that one day she would give back to her community.

Elizabeth Alejo passion for helping the Hispanic community drives her to actively increase the knowledge of home buying procedures, rules, and practices including financing options, choosing the right house that will meet the homeowner’s needs. Elizabeth stays true to her roots, making sure that each client knows she is authentic in her desire to help them succeed.

Elizabeth’s mission is simply this: to strategically align all her clients, with non-profit and multicultural agencies that promote the path to sustainable home ownership within the Hispanic Community and other underserved markets. As a dynamic and integral leader of the Latino Focus Committee, Elizabeth is instrumental in conceiving the committee’s main events to help ensure education of the Hispanic market grows with the nation’s top Hispanic professionals. 

“…BEING CONFIDENT of this very thing,

that HE who has begun a good work in you will complete it…”


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